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jd (Joyce) was raised one mile from the small town of St. Charles, Iowa, a place that deeply influences her work. Her muse, who she says had been in a coma for decades, reawakened in graduate school.  She remembers listening as a child, to her hardworking mom read imaginative stories. One of her favorite poems was: The Goblins'l Get You If You Don't Watch Out. That poem has special meaning for her. The volume has an honored place on one of her bookshelves. Out of seven siblings on their apple orchard, she was the one who, while her sisters and brothers were out milking the cows and feeding the pigs, was found lying on a blanket under an apple tree with a book in her hand. She attended the University of Iowa and various other colleges for her undergraduate work, but now holds a Doctor of Arts from Drake University with a dissertation of her poetry. She teaches writing and literature at the college level.  The past two years she presided as President of SWFL Pen Women, a national professional organization promoting women's voices in America, was vetted into The Poets and Writers and the Iowa Art Council Directories and is a member of Mystery Writers of America. Loves laughing with her family and friends. Anything seafood. Peanut butter.  The sea and travel. She co-founded and co-edits Prairie Wolf Press Review, an Iowa City-based literary journal publishing new and established writers and visual artists.   www.prairiewolfpress.com



                                                                                THE JESSIE MURPHY MYSTERIES














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jd daniels` characters are eccentric and bold. She paints a perfect picture of a sleepy little artsy village turned upside down by mayhem.

                                                           ~ R.V. Reyes, Jeweler's Mark-A Love & Diamonds Mystery




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                    A NOVELLA: MINUTE OF DARKNESS



Cover Artist:  Cheryl Fausel



A journey into inner territories

equally relatable and disturbing.

This work has the quick pacing                                                     

 of a mystery, the lyricism of a 

poem and the characterization

of a fine short story

                           ~ Tonja Robins, author of Cahokia                                          




Two thumbs up...Ed Franks, editor of The Pine Island Eagle



MINUTE OF DARKNESS is an eloquent look at the power of denial and the wages of skimming the beauty from another culture without respect for the underlying intricacies of its particular rules of human negotiation. I love the way daniels plays out the mistakes and hauntings of the main characters dually—delving into their psychological past for factors that stunt as well as delving into the psychological richness of Turkey itself. Turkey becomes a character for me and I found myself siding with Umit, though heartbroken for both women at the same time

                              ~ Tania Pryputniewicz, Managing Poetry Editor for The Fertile Source




jd lived and taught in Ankara, Turkey for several years,  a country she believes she lived in during a past life.






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