There is not one cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life  ~ Anais Nin



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jd holds a Doctor of Arts degree from Drake University. Her award-winning fiction, non-fiction and poetry have appeared in various publications, including: THE BROAD RIVER REVIEW, The Sylvan Echo, The Elkhorn Review, DOORKNOBS & BODY PAINT/ Berkeley, FANTASTIC FLASH FICTION: AN ANTHOLOGY/Pandemonium Press, The National PEN Woman’s Online Magazine, THE LIGHT BETWEEN US/ Pen Women Press and riverbabble. She has been vetted into the Iowa Arts Council and the Poets and Writers directories. The Iowa Center of the Book also invited her inclusion. Her book of poetry, SAY YES, after a reading at Prairie Lights in Iowa City was placed number one on a local best seller's list. She has been an editor for Prairie Wolf Press Review, an annual online literary journal, since its beginning.  MINUTE OF DARKNESS & EIGHTEEN FLASH FICTION STORIES/Savvy Press debuted in 2015 and its log line was added to the list of top reads by Wildsound Film Fest of 2017. A GIFT OF OLEANDER, Savvy Press, the fourth of the Jessie Murphy Mystery Series,will launch in March, 2018. She is the current president of SWFL Pen Women and an active member of PEN America.




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http://www.iceflow.com/doorknobs/DB.html  (All published work is archived by Issue)


 Poets & Writers  http://www.pw.org/literary_magazines/prairie_wolf_press_review via @poetswritersinc


riverbabble blog:  http://www.iceflow.com/bigget/blogs.html




Creative & Academic Publications

Joyce Daniels  Pen Name: jd daniels



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A Gift of Oleander, Savvy Press, Salem, New York, Winter, 2018

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            The Use of Black Humor in Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s Slaughterhouse-Five and

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           A Message for Hemingway, Tides in Retrospect, Laying Sod.  Poems. The Elkhorn

Review, Elkhorn, NE, 1987-1988



Samples of Published Fiction



  1. LIFTING THE LEAN    jddaniels

To crush! To lift the lean of that black bluff! World, World, I cannot get thee close enough!
                  ~ Edna Saint Vincent Millay

Wind whipped her hair, salt water punished pilings as she—eyes lowered—gripped the recently redirected drawbridge’s railing and boosted her right foot onto the horizontal surface.

“Better get inside,” a whiskery fisherman with poles and bait bucket mumbled, continuing to push hunched-shouldered through the challenging air.

“Yeah, sure, in a minute.”

In the not too distant horizon, a funnel cloud shifted from gray to grayer, signaling her to come deeper into its promise of swirling hot chaos.  A moored boat tipped over.  A palm frond tore from a tree and smacked the water, reeling.  Her gaze drifted back to the cloud—it's color now darker—its shape more pronounced.

Inhaling the acrid organic smell of the murky sea, she, with the speed of a gopher tortoise, raised her face to the mist and placed her other foot on the cement ledge.  A luminous ray of light almost blinded her.  She closed her eyes. Opened them again.  The light remained.  Her skin warmed.  She glanced downward.  A dolphin, as if performing for an invisible photographer’s camera, jumped high then disappeared. 

Slowly, ever so slowly, her grip loosened.

“Hey, you!  Get off there.  That tornado’s comin` right for you,” a voice thundered.

She tapped the railing once, stepped back onto the bridge floor, and with straightened shoulders walked away. 


                           riverbabble, Issue 29, Summer 2016







jd daniels


Jandy slid off her bike, pushed it into the rack and snapped on the lock.  As she pulled off her helmet, the pungent odor of lilacs made her nostril hairs tickle. She sniffed.  The sun’s rays painted the fresh tree leaves in multi-shades of green and silver.  Two lines of red tulips and another row of daffodils waved in the warm breeze.  Nearby, hostas sprouted through wood chips.  Ah, spring-time, her favorite season.  She sighed.

“Hey, Jandy, how’s things?”

Deep in her own world, the words caused Jandy to jump, but she quickly recovered, nodded and gave the woman a thumbs-up as she passed. 

Stepping toward the building, the Co-0p door swung open.  The pony-tailed, male cashier winked at her.  Jandy bent her head, retrieved a basket and headed for the produce.  With infinite care she filled the hand-basket with one green and one red pepper, two perfect tomatoes, a batch of parsnips, a yellow onion and a clove of fresh garlic. 

“Cookin` tonight?”

Jandy turned her head.  Dale, from the B & B on their street, towered over her. His salt and pepper hair was swept back from his large forehead.  His eyes glittered with warmth.  

She grinned. “Me?  Cookin`?  You know better than that.”

Dale chuckled.  “You’ve got it made, girl, being with a guy who loves everything “kitchen”. My guy doesn’t know a stove from a dishwasher.”  He glanced to the right, snapped his head upward in a greeting, excused himself and hurried down the aisle.

Jandy returned her attention to the veggies, withdrawing an eggplant.  As she did, the sleeve of her shirt slid up her arm.  Startled, she quickly covered her flesh, then positioned the darkly purple eggplant near the peppers in her basket.

At the dessert rack, with minute` care, she selected a dark chocolate walnut brownie, eyeing the slices of carrot cake.  She touched her thigh.  A fat pocket? Oh, no.  What would Joe say?   She placed Joe’s dessert into the basket and moved away.

Waiting in line at the check-out counter, she gazed at the eggplant.  Her again inched-up shirtsleeve revealed bruises in the shape of fingers to be the same color as the organic vegetable. Under the bright light, she gazed at her small wrist in amazement with a feeling of revulsion she’d never felt before.  “Yes, no doubt about it,” she thought.  “I’m one lucky woman to be hooked up with an obsessive man whose one passion is food and cooking. One lucky woman.”

The line moved forward. She bit down on her lip.

“Your number?” the cashier asked, glancing at her hand gripping the eggplant.

His face paled.  


                                       Doorknobs & BodyPaint, Issue 74, 2014