THROUGH PELICAN EYES: FIRST JESSIE MURPHY MYSTERY


I’ve always thought that Matlacha (say Mat-la-SHAY), the funky Pine Island Florida fishing village cum art colony would be a perfect setting for a mystery, when along comes Jessie Murphy, the perfect gal to sort out the riff from the raff of it all. You’ve got to love this lady, a Goodwill fashion queen, who comes across as a ditzy airhead whose best buddy is a Gargoyle named Gar.


Do not be fooled, there’s way more to Jessie than meets the eye, and do not, repeat, do not miss this true beach read with a pelican’s eye view of Florida’s magnificent barrier island landscapes.


                                         ~ Sara Williams – author of Millie McCall’s Full Moon Poker Night


Exceptional novel.  This story is thrilling, thought provoking; jd daniels has again written with style and imagination. A page-turning mystery, one that will grab you with an exciting opening, hold your attention to the final scene.  Don't miss this one: An excellent read. 


~ Robert Stein, Colonel, US Air Force, (Retired), author of six editions of novels, including Black Samaritan



Not really my current genre, still, I burned up the pages reading late into the night, dazzled and held by the plot, in love with this nut-case, and admiring an author who can write such poetic narrative, on top of authentic dialogue, and make it work, right up to the very last page.


                                        ~ Sidney B. Simon, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts























In this compelling biography, author jd daniels creates a sensitive and humorous portrait of Jackie Day, from her humble beginnings to her active and dedicated 8th decade.  daniels distills countless interviews with Jackie Day, her colleagues and her family into an engaging narrative, peppered with Jackie’s own colorful language, stories and jokes.  I found myself laughing out loud at some of Jackie’s unique phrases and tales.  daniels chooses just the right stories and examples to give readers a multidimensional picture of Jackie.  Jackie Day comes alive on the page.


      In The Old Wolf Lady/ Wawewa Mepemoa, daniels has created an engaging record of an important woman’s life and her contributions to Iowa and        women’s history.

                                                                              ~  Marjorie Carlson Davis, author of Holding & Still Life With Coyote


         The Old Wolf Lady inspires us all with its depiction of a woman who used her natural strengths and passions to live fully and to make a difference.


                                                                                 ~ Suzanne Kelsey, freelance writer, editor and writing coach



                                SAY YES






















                                                                 COVER ART BY RENOWN ARTIST PEG CULLEN
















                                  Say Yes


    Be like melting snow, wash yourself of yourself ~ Rumi


               Dressed in a brown gauze gown

               with a brass snake encircling her torso

               the woman sat yoga-style on a bed of snow

               speaking of the seven Hindu chakras

               Whorls of energy

               emanating from force centers

               Listening, I closed my eyes

               and the snake enlivened

               tightening its grip

               around her vulnerable neck

               until the serpent’s mouth widened

               and transformed

               into a lotus blossom

               as the snow beneath us

               thawed and flowed into the nearby river





 Click on URL below to hear University of Iowa archived reading given at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City of poems from SAY YES.  Enjoy.


 The next week SAY YES topped the Cedar Rapids Gazette's Bestseller List.  








Minute of Darkness & Eighteen Flash Fiction Stories Released
Set in Turkey, amidst the backdrop of ongoing civil unrest, this tightly spun novella by jd daniels  delivers a cautionary tale about two reunited American women, each bearing painfully inaccurate visions of who she can become in the presence of the other given the burden of a dangerous shared past. Both women attempt to proceed down an emotional trajectory that will force them to come to terms with the wages of thieveries of objects, culture, and the heart
   ~ Tania Pryputniewicz, Managing Poetry Editor, The Fertile Source
ISBN:  978-1939113269
Savvy Press, New York
www.savvypress.comSAY YES






Available on Amazon, Prairie Lights Bookstore, Bert's Pine Bay Gallery & CW Fudge Factory in Matlacha, and The Sandman Book Company and The Copperfish Bookstores in Punta Gorda.  Ebook available on Amazon.