This morning I grumpily drove to Staples to have posters made for my book of poetry SAY YES and my soon-to-be-released mystery THROUGH PELICAN EYES. I'll be a vendor at the March Book Fest in Fort Myers (another author convinced me to join her) and was told having posters is a must. Unfortunately, being new to all this, I don't have the process down for poster-making.

This was my second unsuccessful trip to Staples. Drat. "You want a poster with curb appeal, don't you?" the young woman behind the desk asked. "Dpi's. Marketing." What do I know about them? I kept my growl to myself.

I'd rather take a bike ride, read another Poe short story and write for the rest of the day. Feet up. Coffee cup near by.

On the way home, I listened to NPR. A woman was discussing the issue of "striving." One of her comments, "...striving shouldn't end until you reach the grave" made me groan. She went on to discuss the history of Kentucky Fried Chicken and how the Colonel was in his sixties before he finally made his "pipedream" come alive.

Yeah, right. Give me a break.


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