ArtPoems Performance--A Collaborative Experience

Last night was the first performance of ArtPoems 2014 held at Big Arts in Sanibel. After a really rough rehearsal two days before, the performance went off without a hitch. The art was stunning, varied and worthy of at least two walk-throughs.

All poems made the soul flutter. Some caused laughter. Some awe. All were well received. The music was divine. The dance enchanting. I heard the word "magical" whispered by several.

Afterward, artists and poets came together for a party. Sharing our stories, meeting our mates, our children and just getting to know each other better always adds to this collaborative experience.

The Art and Poems are for sale and will be hung at the Dunes Country Club on Sanibel until April 11th when they travel to downtown Fort Myers for another performance at the Sidney & Bernes Davis Performing Arts Center. On March 4th there will be a reception at the Dunes and several poets will read.

On April 4th at the downtown Fort Myers Artwalk, many of the artists and poets will be sharing their work.

Join us and share in the fun. The majority of poets are seasoned dramatists. They know how to entertain. The unseasoned ones are naturals at the mike.

Literary and artistic fun is the name of the game.

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