Tapping the Creative Self

Lately, I've been knee-deep in grading papers for my two writing courses while marketing my new book release, Through Pelican Eyes. I've set up the Launch Party, some readings, made business cards, posters, and readied myself for the Southwest Florida Reading Fest in downtown Fort Myers. Whew! Lots of work that has very little to do with my passion--writing. Wouldn't it be swell to afford a publicist? Or have an agent? Oh, well...

So I am very happy to report that this morning I set all things marketing aside and wrote a first draft of a flash fiction piece to send out for publication. This is a secret: I wrote it, revised, revised again and again--and already submitted it. Don't tell.

It always feels more than good to tap the imagination. To realize that your creative self didn't die because you had to let the rational side of your brain take control for a while.

I'm quite pleased with the story and hope the potential publisher will be as well. It has to do with organic vegetables, or kind of...if you know what I mean.

Yesterday, I took a day off from my working self and spent the day with my younger bro and his wife. We went to a colleague`s poetry reading, her launch party, then for a walk along the beach. After this we watched the sun set while sitting in the sand in front of the Mucky Duck, a fav restaurant on Captiva Island.

Maybe, just maybe...having a day like this helps the old creative self resurface. I suspect it is so....

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