A Super Review & Surprise Phone Call

Tuesday the local weekly newspaper, the Pine Island Eagle came out. Ed Franks, the new editor, wrote me a dynamite review, featuring Through Pelican Eyes and a picture of the cover on the front page. How thankful I am. Then I opened up the paper and inside was a write-up with pictures of the CW Fudge Factory "Art Night" where I read. Very, very nice.

So this morning I get a phone call from William, the co-owner of the Fudge Factory. "Can you get more books here? People are stopping in wanted them and I'm all sold out. In fact, I sold my copy to the last customer." Now, what magical words for any writer to hear. I was there in a flash.

Bookstores can order them directly, but merchants like the Fudge Factory and Bert's Pine Bay Gallery have to rely on me to furnish them. Matlacha, unfortunately has no bookstore. It's only a community of about 400 homes after all.

I was raised in a small town. Actually, a mile out of town from a small Iowa town, so it's no wonder I'm so comfortable in this environment. Of course, the fact it's surrounded by the sea where dolphins, pelicans and manatees are frequent guests makes me more than at home as well.

My ebook sales are doing well too. Sigh.

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