With Bullet Speed

Nice to receive a best wishes message for the publication of Through Pelican Eyes from author Robert Macomber who's in the South Pacific on a lecture series.

Isn't the world amazing now what with our cyber space connecting ability? Recently I sat at Bert's watching the dolphins dive and chatted on my I-phone with a young friend from Istanbul for free.

When I first went to Turkey not long after landing, the Gulf War broke out. People were talking about something called "electronic mail" but they weren't sure what it was. "The embassy people have it. Must be top secret," was a commonly used phrase. And a cell phone? Not heard of. I couldn't even get a phone in my apartment at the private university I was teaching at. I had to walk in the dead of night past soldiers carrying machine guns to a phone booth to call home.

Now, someone in the South Pacific sends me a message with bullet speed.

Ah, progress.

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