Jessie Murphy

Yesterday I met with an artist friend of mine and we took our lunch to the beach for a walk and talk. She'll be moving soon. I'll miss her.

She and her hubby had just finished reading Through Pelican Eyes and she shared her surprise with me that the character was a bit of a Pollyanna. Like many, she knows my other writing and realizes I tend to dig deep and often make my reader's uncomfortable with the thoughts and images I give them. I explained to her that learning to write a cozy mystery was what this project was all about.

When a New York editor who also knew my work said to me that he didn't think I had the DNA to write a mystery of course I took the challenge and chose to write a cozy mystery and follow all the criteria readers would expect.

Why a cozy? Light in nature. I wanted to prove I could write something like that. I like my character Jessie Murphy. She's zany, quirky and yes, a bit of a Pollyanna; but she also is smart, creative, disciplined, knows karate and will use it when necessary and is willing to go after a killer. Under all that Irish superstitious beliefs, she is gutsy--someone you'd want as a friend.

She'll be around for a while. The second in the series is already written.

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