My Apologies

Oh, oh, the summer and fall got away from me. Here it is December and I haven't written a blog post since June. Whoops!

But I've been busy, oh yes, I've been busy. I've worked steadily on my third Jessie Murphy mystery and am looking forward to the Launch Party for Minute of Darkness, my novella set in Turkey. As of right now, it looks like it'll be the end of January at a Gallery in Fort Myers. Nothing finalized yet. Working on it.

I've had a bit of a set-back. My hand has been giving me fits. I guess I hit it on a wall while dancing around madly at a Nia class. That was over a month and a half ago. Still swollen and painful. I had it x-rayed. Not broken. No arthritis. But ewwww...Not fun for a writer.

Anyway, I promise to be more faithful on writing this blog. I owe myself that, painful hand or not.

Enjoy your day...I hope to.

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