Brief Synopsis of Quick Walk to Murder, the 2nd Jessie Murphy Mystery

People have been asking when the 2nd Jessie Murphy Mystery will be out. By spring, I tell them. To wet your appetite, I thought I'd give you a brief synopsis of what the book is about. If it makes you want to read it, well, whoohoo, I say...

Here it is. Enjoy.

Brief Synopsis of Quick Walk to Murder…

Quick Walk to Murder is the 2nd in the Jessie Murphy Mystery Series where Boston artist/amateur sleuth and zany Goodwill Fashion Queen Jessie Murphy uses her brains and intuition to solve a murder in Southwest Florida. When a young crabber's son is found dead in Matlacha supposedly of a drug overdose, Jessie is hired by his parents to find out what truly happened. The world she steps into teems with jealousy, dishonesty, Spanish American religious underpinnings and hints of illegal immigration where greed is again proven to be a top motive for murder.

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