Prologue of Through Pelican Eyes

Prologue for Through Pelican Eyes

Okay, so I shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, he doesn’t know I’m coming. I didn’t even tell my friends in Cambridge that I was leaving, except the guy who I hired to look after the rentals. It’s ridiculous, really—me, doing this.

My name is Jessie Murphy. I’m a half Irish/half English property manager, a wannabe “I really don’t have any time to create” artist, and my last job was with a really hot P.I. named Hawk. My best bud is a plaster of Paris gargoyle and I’m not ashamed to say that I talk to him. Will Rolins is my guy. He lives on a trust fund, is smart, obsessive and currently focused on hunting for buried treasure. He left for Florida a month ago. I begged off the trip. I mean, you can only follow a guy around so many times, right?

I’m absolutely sure he’s horny by now. Absolutely positive. No question about it.Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think he’d have sex with another gal. Not Will. He’s honest as a new born. Besides, he knows I’d never, never forgive him if he had sex with another girl while we were still in a relationship. I mean, ewww.

There just comes a time when a girl has to follow her wild side. It’s not that I’m horny. No way.

Since starting the long drive, I’ve been focusing on my most vivid memory of Will. He’s naked and standing on a distant boulder facing the sea. It’s July and I’m twenty-three. It’s my first time at a nude beach and I’m hesitant to take off my bathing suit. But I pull down my bikini straps and smile as Will raises his arms and dives, skimming the water like a low-flying pelican.

Will, babe, hang on tight—Jessie is comin`!

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