Another Review for Minute of Darkness...

Minute of Darkness is an eloquent look at the power of denial and the wages of skimming the beauty off another culture without respect for the underlying intricacies of its particular rules of human negotiation. I love the way daniels plays out the mistakes and hauntings of the main characters dually—delving into their psychological past for factors that stunt as well as delving into the psychological richness of Turkey itself. Turkey becomes a character for me and I found myself siding with Umit, though heartbroken for both women at the same time ~ Tania Pryputniewicz, Managing Poetry Editor for The Fertile Source.

Launch Party Friday Night, January 30th


Art for Acts Gallery

Downtown Fort Myers on 1st Street

Forty percent of books sales goes to Domestic Violence Victims...

Hope to see you there.

#cherylafausel #internationalintrique #turkey

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