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Into The Flow

Published May 18, 2015 | By Emile

The flow is “where its at.” The actual practice of being in the flow requires that you be conscious, very conscious, of your energy, your thoughts and your intention. Being in the flow is not giving up on your dream nor is it some cavalier attitude about how your life unfolds. Truly being in the flow requires that you be aware of who you are in each moment. It requires that you be awake to your desires, your dreams, the vision for your life. Above all it requires that you TRUST infinite Source with your entire being.

Trust in infinite Source may be the hardest part of this process because it is the flow of Source that requires your trust. It is Trust that Source has received your energetic message regarding your vision, it is trust that Source has your highest good as its intention for you, it is trust that infinite Source can navigate whatever path required to deliver your good to you.

Stepping into or surrendering into the flow is one of the most conscious things that you can do. It is like pushing your kayak into the flow of a cosmic river with the intention of arriving at a specific place. The place is the realization of your vision, the flow is the HOW you are getting there. In the case of this cosmic river you really do not need to have any awareness of the dynamics of its currents, the eddies that may form, rapids, waterfalls or anything else. You only have the awareness that it is moving forward in the direction of your vision. Your kayak in this case is built from your intention/vision, your attention and your trust. Your vision sets the direction of your journey. Your ability to maintain your attention clearly on your vision becomes the rudder of your vessel, it will steadfastly guide you in the direction of your ultimate vision.

There you are bobbing along in the flow, your course has been set by your intention and you are moving in the direction of your vision because your attention is unfalteringly holding the helm in the direction of it. All that remains is your trust in the process, the flow of infinite Source. Your affirmation is:

“I know that infinite Source energy is flowing, moving and

coming together for my highest good in this and every moment.”

love and many blesssings


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