My Northwest Experience

I'm in Seattle helping my granddaughter celebrate her graduation from high school. She's one of those young women who know what they want and takes the steps to get there. I'm so proud of her.

Today, while she was at her Nanny summer job, I went with a close friend of my daughter-in-law and son, Leona, to a Garden Show at a private home. What a stunning garden and what warm women present to share a delightful, morning event. I met a woman who is readying herself to start her first book. She had several questions and I can only hope that my encouragement helped. One of her concerns was age. No longer in her twenties or thirties or even forties she wondered if she could really forge a new career. Absolutely, is the answer. Do it. If that muse is calling--answer her or him. Any life that is lived by following your dream is a life fully lived--start it at any age. It sounds like such a cliche`, but the truth is--and this is no secret--cliches` have become commonly known phrases because they often hold truths. Thanks, Mary, for reminding me of this.

These two guys were in Sue's garden. Could they tell a few stories, or what? They just might inspire a poem or two.

As I think about my young granddaughter, it occurs to me that we can learn a lot from the young.

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