Cancer Progress

2020! How amazing. Over a month ago I stopped chemo on doctor's orders. Too hard on me. Getting too weak. Losing too much weight. Now we have to pray for a miracle, the doc said. And everyday I ask the Supreme Being to do the best he or she can in helping me to get stronger. I have gained five pounds. I no longer cough. The fluid is not as noticeable around my lungs. Thank you.

I have also stopped taking the 8 pills they had me on. Now it is just three morphine pills a day that keeps the pain at bay and allows me to enjoy this new life. Family and friends came for the holidays. Making popcorn strings and draping on our tree was only one highlight. Friends stop in frequently. I am eating better. In a week and a half we are planning to head for Florida. Amazing. Neither Tom or I would have expected this before chemo stopped.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I still can't walk without a walker and even that is a short distance. I am still weak. But I am better. Step by step, I am better.

This week I finished another revision of the book I am working on and sent it off for more feedback. Three days ago a friend and I decided to learn how to knit. My daughter was pure inspiration as during her family's stay with us, she knit nine hats and gave them away. Learning something new is vitalizing. Laughing with my friend as we stumble through the knitting directions is powerful medicine. That pill I will never stop swallowing.

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