Perfect Formula for Healing & Creativity

Large dollops of family, friends, love, laughter, sunshine and warm weather have been the ideal formula to help with my healing process. Since coming to Florida I have gained almost ten pounds and am walking further and longer. While family visited we played Farkle, shared stories, ate much and laughed even more. Staying positive is Number One on my list of dos.

A draft of my newest novel, NO CIRCLE SO PERFECT, will soon be reaching the desk of an interested agent. This afternoon I plan to return to another book I'm working on. For a year and a half I was unable to write or read. Thank the powers above that time has passed.

A week ago a painter friend of mine came for a visit and we talked about the mystery of being in the zone. How when you are there you know it and you don't want to leave. I had missed being in that zone for too long. So glad it has returned. Of course it is not a constant, but knowing it is accessible is more than a comfort--even a joy.

Today is the day for sharing hearts in the states. I wish you all a happy one--one that compliments your passion--whatever that is-- be it painting, writing, knitting, restoring houses or boats

photography, sewing or . . .enjoying nature and the sea.


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